Ben wa balls

What are vaginal balls and how to use them.

Ben Wa Balls are a sexy toy that is designed to stimulate and strengthen vaginal muscles and also serves to enhance arousal. Today Ben Wa Balls can be found in any intim store, large and not very. This intimate product is made of wood, latex, medical rubber, plastic or metal. Balls can have convexities, ribs, be with shifted center of gravity, and also be provided with vibration mechanism. One variety of vaginal balls is the vibroyizo.

Ben Wa Balls or Kegel balls appeared in deep antiquity, in Japan. For a very long time the secret of making these Balls was not disclosed, and only geisha could use them, which thanks to exercises with ben wa balls gave extraordinary pleasure to men.

This was happening because the trained muscle of their vagina could capture the penis and sweet compress it during intercourse. In China, ben wa balls were used only by Empress and concubines of the Emperor to give him maximum pleasure.

Women who used these balls maintained their youth and genital health even in old age, thanks to trained muscles.What are the effects of vaginal muscle training with ben wa balls? First, with exercises with such balls, vaginal muscles are strengthened, which means that during sexual intercourse a woman can either reduce the size of the vagina or, on the contrary, increase, which brings even greater pleasure to both partners. In addition, trained vaginal muscles will recover more quickly from childbirth, and the female sex system will be less susceptible to aging because the muscles will always be in tone.

In addition, vaginal ball exercise is a prevention of many female diseases. The second effect of exercise with Kegel balls is strong and bright orgasms during sex. Since the muscles of the vagina are trained, the woman will be able to tightly grip the penis of the man, this helps to achieve a bright orgasm. Also during exercise with vaginal balls, muscles train, which are not involved even in the most violent sex. This helps to get rid of blood stagnation and keep all muscles of the sexual system in tone.

Ben Wa Ball exercises:

· Treat the balls with lubricant
· Insert them into the vagina in the lying or sitting position of the body, leave the thread outside
· Accept the vertical position and try to hold the balls in the vagina. First let it be one minute, then you can increase the time to 15-20 minutes.
· After a woman teaches her to hold the balls for a long time, you can already walk with them. The balls, rolling when walking, will create a massage effect.

Do not forget after exercise and before each application of balls wash them with warm water with soap. During intercourse, the use of balls is not recommended, as it is possible to damage the walls of the vagina.