Anita Bellini

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Anita Bellini ( born on November 28, 1994 ) porn acctress from Hungary.

The Debrecen-based news portal 4024 interviewed the city’s most famous porn actress, Anita Bellini. Bellini is a big name in his profession, having already filmed with Rocco Siffredi and Pierre Woodman, and the interview is flowing in the usual way porn interviews usually flutter, no surprises, this is just a profession with fairly familiar answers.

But at the end comes an unexpected twist:
Do you follow current events and news?
Not really.
You must have heard something about, say, immigrants and the refugee camp. What do you think about it?
All I heard about them is that they are supposed to take the job away from us and that there will be more unemployed.
And that’s it, here’s the end of the interview for the most part, as a conclusion, Anita fears that the immigrants will lose herjob, followed by a multiple-choice quiz like Kőbányai or vodka orange?