Aline Bernardes

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Aline Bernardes: “I will dress as little as possible. We have to show up, right? ”

Modelo will be featured on the Green Spot and won in 2012 the title of “Passista iG SP”. “It has no greater pleasure than to be on the avenue. Only those who parade know. “

Green Spot muse, model Aline Bernardes is proud because, in 2013, will come for the first time as a highlight ofalviverde school floor, a post previously filled by artists such as Viviane Araujo and Juju Salimeni. “I turned in the car principal, which will pay tribute to Mario Lago, ”she says excitedly.

Aline Bernardes has several reasons for being elated. She says that the balance of 2012 was very positive for the career, especially after participating in the Miss Bumbum contest, representing the state of Mato Grosso. “Won a lot of visibility, I was called for a lot of work. My life is a rush, ”he says. Despite not winning, she was chosen by netizens as owner of the most beautiful butt. “This recognition was the most important for me.”

Aline’s popularity continues on an upward curve. In 2012, in a vote proposed by iG, the Internet user had alreadypaid attention to their physical attributes and talent for samba. She was elected, with over 30,000 votes, the “Passista iG 2012 SP ”.

Aline Bernardes, from Mancha Verde and Passista iG 2012 from Sao Paulo, in an exclusive rehearsal for iG at Anhembi sambadrome In an intense pace of work, Aline now saves space on the agenda to devote more intensity to Carnival. THE Green Spot samba-plot, a school that has defended for five years, is already on the tip of the tongue. The costume you will wear in. The avenue is also almost ready. “I will dress as little as possible. We have to show up, right? ”Says the muse.

Aline Bernardes met the Green Spot by chance. She accompanied her cousin’s girlfriend, who went out to school. From so much to go at rehearsals, it began to parade as well. Soon came the opportunity to apply for the passistas wing and then it was just gradually earn the trust of all. Thus was born another muse in the alviverde group, which at this year’s parade will be more prominent than ever.

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“Leaving alone on the floor is a responsibility, because I’m not famous,” celebrates the muse of the dancers. “I’ll show you my samba, my root ”, promises the model. But if you need to, Aline shows you more. It’s not a problem with fantasy as long as it fits the school theme.

“I like to show my face and butt. I’m not boring with anything. If I have to go out just painted, I’ll go, ”he says. AND She does seem to be preparing for it, as she has just turbocharged her breasts with 600 ml of silicone in each breast. All this, she says, in the name of carnival.

See more: Quiteria Chagas: Passion for the Village in double dose “When you step on the sambadrome and see that crowd watching you, goosebumps. It has no greater pleasure than being on the avenue. Only those who parade know, ”says the muse. See more: Try stripping other muses and queens. The preparation of the passista for the revelry includes the diet that would be the dream of any woman. “I double my food in Carnival to not lose weight He could too. She still reserves the samba in the foot to go out as stained drum queen Verde Baixada, on the coast, and holds the title of queen of the 2011 Carnival of the city of Praia Grande. “I have to share. I spend half a week at the beach and half in Sao Paulo. ”

Age: 24
Height: 1.79
Weight: 70
Bust: 102
Waist: 72
Hip: 110

Makeup: Carolina Franco / Costume: Personal Collection